Get Started with HAX

MacOS Download (~150MB):

Windows Download (~150MB):

Installing Hax on macOS

  1. Open the HAX App .zip file.
  2. Move the file to your Applications or Programs directory.
  3. Double-click to open the HAX Application. hax app icon
  4. The application will attempt to verify, but will fail. verifying the application
  5. Click okay when you see this security alert: security block
  6. Open System Preferences, and choose Security & Privacy. Choose "Open Anyway": security block
  7. If HAX does not automatically open, double-click on the application icon. It should now open:
  8. Click on the plus button to create a new project: create a new project
  9. Choose the GitHub Repository directory that you previously created: choose the git repo folder
  10. When you do this, files will be added to your local GitHub repository. Click on the newly created project: hax projects view

Authoring in HAX

HAX is very much like MS Word, or other word processing software, with one big difference. HAX writes directly to HTML instead of proprietary document formats, and it comes with an "outline" that structures the content, and to allows for navigation.

The outline

  1. To edit the Outline, click on the pencil icon: Edit Outline
  2. Enter the title of the page. If the page should be nested, you can use the arrow icons, or use the tab key. Click the floppy disk icon to the top left save. Edit outline

Adding a page title

To open the page editing tools, click in the empty white area. Note: To add an element, you must not be in outline edit mode.

  1. Choose the Text Icon from the toolbar. text icon
  2. Type the title. Choose the text style icon from the floating tool bar. Choose "Heading." heading style
  3. Click the close (x) button on the floating toolbar. You will now see title styling applied: formatted title
  4. Of course, the easy way is to simply use the "Heading" icon.
  5. Click the green floppy disk icon on the bottom right to save the page.

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