Publishing OER with Git Pages

Git Pages requires some setup, but it's worth the hassle because it's good and free web hosting! The following directions will help you to export a docs folder from HAX, push your changes from the GitHub desktop app to the repo, enable Git Pages, tell it to read from the /docs folder, add a .nojekyll file to the directory. Let's do this, step by step.

Exporting from HAX

  1. Once you are finished editing, click on the back arrow, to take you to "Recent Projects". generate build
  2. Under the right "more" menu (3 dots), click on "Generate build" to export the content into a folder, called docs: generate build button
  3. The docs folder will look like this: docs
  4. Open GitHub Desktop App, and commit the changes. First commit
  5. Now push the changes to GitHub push
  6. Your GitHub repo should look like this: repo directory

Enabling Git Pages

  1. To enable Github to serve pages in your repo to the Web, you will need to enable some settings. Go to the "Settings" page: settings page
  2. Scroll down to the "GitHub Pages" section. Under "Source," Choose "Master Branch /docs folder" from the dropdown and hit "Save". This setting means that any folder called docs will be accessible via a url: choose docs folder
  3. You will now see a url where you can access your webpage. Copy this URL: git pages url
  4. Now, let's add the URL to the front page of the repo, so others can find it. Go to the front page of the repo and click "Edit" on the far right: edit
  5. In the website section, paste in your copied URL from the settings page: Add url

Configuring Git Pages

  1. There is one extra step to get Git Pages working properly. We have to add an empty file called .nojekyll to the repository. Click on "Create new file": Create new file
  2. Type .nojekyll into the name file field. add no jekyll file name
  3. Scroll down and click on Commit new file: Create new file
  4. You now have your directory set up properly. See this example: properly configured directory
  5. Congrats! It can take a few minutes for the website to resolve. Visit the Git Pages URL to see if everything worked properly.

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