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Adding OER Schema

One of the primary reasons to use a tool that publishes in HTML format is to take advantage of metadata, the standards vehicle for OER Schema. Though we don't yet have the remix tools, we can prepare for this future now, by schematizing.

Let's take a look at some basics.

Adding an Assessment

  1. Highlight the name of your assignment: add assessment
  2. Click the inline gizmo button on the floating toolbar: gizmo
  3. Choose OER as the presentation method: Present as OER
  4. Choose the typeof from the dropdown list as "Assessment." OER Gizmo fields
  5. In the "Advanced" tab, copy the resource id at the bottom: resource id

Adding a Learning Objective

Now, we can add a learning objective that points to this assessment. This is where schema can start to become interesting

  1. Write the learning objectives: learning objectives
  2. Add schema via the inline gizmo. gizmo
  3. Choose OER as the presentation method: Present as OER
  4. Now you can add the id from the assessment as a related resource and now the two are linked via OER Schema!: learning objective related resource

Additional schema

Try adding the following if you have them on your page, and link them using the assessment resource id:

  • typeof: assessment, property: description
  • typeof: supporting material, property: name
  • typeof: task, property: name
  • typeof: topic, property: name

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